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Manufacturer And Product List

The Following Products Are Sold And Suported By GLG Technologies GLG







Shimpo America Corp.





Speed Sensors/Rotary Generators







Proximity Switches

Force Gauges



Torque Meters







Delmhorst Instruments Co.

Aqua Azul



Moisture Meters

UV Water Purifiers, Sterilizers, UV Lamps






Glasco UltraDynamics Ultraviolet Systems

Severn Trent Water Purification Inc.



UV Water Purifiers, Sterilizers

Ultraviolet Lamps, UV Sterilizers, Purifiers



Ultraviolet Lamps







Pacific Transducer Corp.





Hardness Tester



Melting Point Meter















Pioneer Electric & Research Corp.








Line Frequency Monitor








UVP Inc / Ultraviolet Products Inc.




UV sources

Penetrant Inspection



Lamp Comparison Chart

Laboratory Applications



Chromatography Viewing Cabinets

Chromatogram 35mm Photography



Therapeutic Lamps

UV Intensity Meters



Diagnostic Lamps

Pen Ray Lamp




Safety Goggles



Black-Ray UV Sanitation Inspection Kit

Fluorescence Lamps



Milkstone Inspection

Fluorescent Dyes



Black-Ray Invisible Readmission Control System

Rodent Inspection



Stable Ozone Generators

UV Radiometers



Color Matching Cabinet

Grain Aflatoxin Detection



Safety of Black Light

UV Calibration Source



EPROM Erasure Lamps / Cabinets

Auto Leak Detection



Gasoline Lead Detection

Photochemical Reactor



Criminology Kits

Laboratory Lamps




Financial Lamps




Xenon Lamps






American Ultraviolet Co.




Liquid Purifiers

UV Cure Irradiators




UV Germicidal Lamps



Sterile Conditioners For Liquid Sugar Tanks

Immersion Units



Germicidal Door Barriers




American Ultraviolet Will Custom Design And Build








Conrad-Hanovia Inc / Hanovia Lamp Division




Compact Arc Lamps

Ultraviolet Lamps



Water Sterilizer

Therapeutic Lamps



UV Cure Equipment

Photochemical Reactor



Ozone Lamps

UV Lamp Testing



Air Sterilizers

Projection Bulbs



Lab UV Cure Systems








Stresstel Corp

NDT International



Ultrasonic Thickness Guages

Ultrasonic Thickness Guages







Fuller Ultraviolet




Sterile Conditioners For Liquid Sugar Tanks

Air Sterilizers







Spectronics Corp.




UV Lamps

















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