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We at Zoom One can supply you electronic components to fit most of your needs. If you need Transistors, IC's, diodes, resistors, capacitors, and other related components we have access to many original types. We can also supply most standard VCR and Audio tape heads, and parts.

We also can have all standard accessories such as cables, connectors, and remote controls of all kinds. We can even have popular universal remote controls as well. Universal remotes are great for service people to test customers units when they do not have the original remote with the unit.

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When asking about a particular part, please give us the component location designation number, device manufacture name, and model number of the unit that you are referring to. We would need the part number from the service manual if you have it, and also give us the generic number on the part if there is one. 

The original manufacture part number, including the original manufacture name and model number, is best to submit when ordering, or inquiring about parts. 

If there are no numbers printed on the part and you do not have the diagram to have the original part number, please give us the circuit board location number along with the make and model number of the unit.

If we cannot find you the original part, then we will try to find you a replacement.

Because our parts access is vast, and always increasing or changing, there is no point in putting a catalogue on our site. We work as a parts broker, and generally we do not have inventory. Just leave us an email, and we will get back to you with the availability and delivery information for your parts in question.

We can have original parts for most popular consumer and industrial electronic products. You only need to supply the proper description with the model and serial numbers for your unit.

We are able to have most of the popular Japanese type semiconductor series. These include the famous 2SA, 2SB, 2SC, 2SD, 2SK, SK, and TIP series. We can also have most of the AN, STR, STRS, TD, TDA, and many of the other popular types along these lines.

If you are a hobbyist building a project, then you only need to leave us the generic numbers of the pieces that you are interested in enquiring about.

Please note, for many types of parts, the manufactures and suppliers may demand minimum quantities, and or minimum invoicing. 

Our Ordering Instructions:

All pricing is in US dollars only, unless specified otherwise. We take responsibility for the long distance phone calls, and faxing for our search. This is normally included in our pricing.

The only time you would pay extra for a search is in the case where we must find something that is non-standard, and or very hard to find, and requires a lot more than the normal amount of research to locate.

The shipping charges are $8.00 US to about $15.00 US for a weight up to 500grams to most places in North America and Europe, depending on the exact location. Payment is accepted in a US International or Canadian Post Office Check, Money Order, or Certified Check only. Payment must be from a recognized bank with association, or branches in the USA or Canada. 

We do not accept credit cards.

<<< Please Note >>> If you send us a US Post Office Check, it must NOT say "NEGOTIABLE ONLY IN THE U.S. AND POSSESSIONS". If it says this, we cannot accept it. We are in Canada. It must be an International Post Office Check, Certified Check, or Money Order.

When ordering please confirm your approval of your order by email so that we can list your order for request from our suppliers. This speeds things up for you.

Your order is shipped out as soon as payment is verified and we receive it, unless our suppliers delay delivery to us... We will inform you as the order proceeds.

Whenever you order, you will be given specific instructions about the procedure for your particular order.

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